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In power plant applications, cladding treatments are used to protect membrane walls and platen heating surfaces that are exposed to aggressive exhaust gases or severe abrasion. In the cladding process, a high-alloy protective coating is fused to a lower-alloy substrate material. For typical wall membranes of 4-5 mm thickness, the depth of the protective coating will be about 2-3 mm.

Plug-in cabled magnetic induction probe for FMP gauges. Measurement range: 0 – 5 mm (0 – 200 mils)

Plug-in cabled magnetic induction probe for measuring non-metallic or non-ferrous metallic coatings on steel or iron (Iso/Fe or NF/Fe).

Areas of application:
Has the largest measurement range of all the single-poled probes.

With rugged, 10-pin jack. Spring-loaded measuring element with exchangeable probe tip. For characteristics, see technical data sheet. Suitable for sample temperatures of up to 80°C with alternating measurements.

Cable length: 1.5 m
Measurement range: 0 – 5 mm (0 – 200 mils) NF/Fe

Price includes set of calibration foils and Fe base. In order to function as a complete measurement system, this probe requires a Fischer measuring instrument.

Can be connected to the following instruments:
FMP10/20/30/40/100, MMS® PC PERMASCOPE®, MMS® PC2 & F-module PERMASCOPE®

  • Probe FGB2 Data Sheet


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