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The Fischer proven portable instruments with exchangeable probes allows for non-destructive and highly precise measurements of coatings. Whether for quality control in a manufacturing process or incoming inspection of random samples or complete batches, these user-friendly and flexible instruments will meet your requirements. Select the appropriate instrument from the FMP family and combine it with one of our high-precision measurement probes.

Due to automatic substrate material recognition and the integration of both measurement methods, these universal instruments are capable of measuring coatings on steel and iron (F) and on non-ferromagnetic metals (NF). Duplex coatings (lacquer/zinc) on steel can be measured simultaneously with the values of the lacquer and zinc coatings displayed individually. The portable  FMP20 represents precise measurement technology and are ideal for samples and control measurement. These user-friendly and sturdy instrument can be adapted to all requirements of coating thickness measurement using exchangeable measuring probes. The most significant statistical values are dis-played and can be stored together with the calibration in the instrument, ensuring quick and reliable operation.

  • For magnetic induction and eddy current probes
  • Automatic substrate and probe recognition
  • Easy-to-use with intuitive menu
  • Large contrast-rich color display
  • Memory for up to 1,000 readings
  • USB interface
  • Instant measurement upon probe placement
  • Audible signal with measurement acquisition
  • Easy adaptation to the shape of the specimen through a zero-point correction (normalization)
  • Easy to perform corrective calibration (verification of accuracy)
  • Sliding cover to protect keys against unintentional operation
  • Various language settings
  • Units of measurement can be switched between μmand mils

Measurement strategies and evaluation

  • Single reading acquisition
  • Measurements with the "free-running display" modefor continuous scanning of surfaces
  • Statistical display of significant values such as mean value, standard deviation, min, max, rang
  • DUALSCOPE FMP20 Brochure


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