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Horizon Tribrach Without Optical Plummet

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The Leica Professional 3000 Series Tribrach is a high-quality connecting device designed to ensure a secure attachment of surveying equipment to a tripod. Providing a maximum torsional stiffness of three inches (1.0 mgon), it is ideal for non-motorized TPS instruments with an angle accuracy of five inches up to seven inches. It is also suitable for GNSS antenna stations, backsights, and control points.


This attachment plate by Leica is equipped with maintenance-free foot screws to ensure smooth movements even after many years of use. With large diameters, these screws allow adjustments while wearing gloves, making it an excellent choice for extreme environmental conditions. It also enables precise forced centering with its perfectly aligned support area and base plate.

To guarantee consistently accurate positioning, the Leica Professional 3000 Series Tribrach offers an optional optical plummet that is robust enough and eliminates the need to be adjusted throughout the tribrach’s lifespan. It has a rugged construction and weighs 1.76 pounds or 1.95 pounds. It comes in Green colour.

  • Torsional: Stiffness: <3" (1.0 mgon)
  • Angular: Accuracy of 5” to 7”
  • Optional: Optical plummet
  • Large, maintenance-free foot screws
  • Rugged construction
  • Ideal for non-motorized TPS instruments & GNSS antenna stations
  • Suitable for backsights and control points
  • Designed for difficult environmental conditions
  • Deltascope FMP10 Brochure


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